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Do you want to sponsor The Horror Fair, a mobile and unique multisensory attraction in Canada ?
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Would you want to have fun and scare more than 15 000 individuals ?
Suscribe with us to volunteer and be part of The Horror Fair team

POSITIONS (extra - reception - security - makeup)


Being an extra for The Horror Fair is a bit like casting in The Ring or Saw movies !
Are you eager to make visitors scream and give them goosebumps ?
You are THE person we need to have a role as an extra in our team.
We take care of finding you a costume, makeup and you take care of screaming, whispering into people ears and grab their legs !


The persons at the reception will be responsible to give out information to everyone who enters The Horror Fair. You will meet and greet the customers, explain the rules and cautioning as well as the different services offered (food, drinks, souvenirs, etc.).


Would you want to be like James Bond for an evening ? UA big event like The Horror Fair must be safe and secure.
As a security agent, you will have to make sure that the grounds are safe and that no visitor can access restricted areas. You will have to keep watch over a perimeter and you will carry communication devices in order to contact our staff in the event of an emergency.


Your role will be to apply makeup to our costumed extras and ticket agents for a more dramatic experience ! You will have to arrive 2 hours before opening to complete all necessary makeups.

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