Do you wish to have a unique and multisensory haunted circuit ?


The Horror Fair est une attraction mobile incontournable pour tous les genres d’occasion.

Thematic events
Event launches
Film shootings

Whether for touristic or corporate purposes, The Horror Fair makes it its mission for you to enjoy your experience wherever you are located. The facilities are created in order to be moved at different locations, whatever the season (heating and cooling systems).

The setup needs a flat and level area or a parking lot equal to or greater than 150 feet per 80 feet (150' X 80') with an electrical source of 200 amperes nearby.
The trailers are built up to code in accordance with the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec.

* Note that The Horror Fair takes care of all deliveries, installations and removals
in order to offer you a professional turnkey service.


Our team meets a large range of skills in various fields such as :

30 years into building as a main contractor
30 years in the making of plans and specifications, thematic sets designs in catering and hotel industry and more !
15 years factual events, tourist activities, marketing and the web.

* Contact us to let us know more about our rental components.

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